Friday, August 20, 2010

Commence Educating . . .

I'm more or less fully moved in (a few bags, mostly clothing, are still in the trunk of the car) and while still unpacking and getting everything set up the way I want it, am pretty comfortable in the new place.

I'm slowly unpacking my stuff in the new office, but can't really do much till I get a set of bookshelves up from 3rd floor storage. Till then, no point in unpacking the textbooks or samples that I usually keep off my desk.

Got the paperwork started to audit a math class. This way, I can effectively refresh my math skills (or, arguably, my lack thereof) without having to worry about it affecting my grade. Given especially that my somewhat-abortive attempts at university math ended several years ago, it's necessary to get a fresh start, so beginning near the beginning with Calculus I. (Why not, anyway? It's on the University's bill and it'll make me a better scientist.)

Saw one of the doctors at the campus clinic yesterday morning; one I hadn't seen previously. She did a couple of *yet different* tests and found there's a decent chance I have a small tear in a ligament running through the distal side of my hand and wrist. Thankfully, I have full range of motion and keeping it wrapped up or braced when working should be adequate support to allow it to heal. Not sure how long it will take, but expecting several weeks minimum.

In other news, I'm totally not prepared for my audition on Monday. Somehow, I knew this would happen. I'll hit what I can tonight and throughout the weekend, but there's a good chance I'll simply end up pulling one of my old solos out of my pile o' music and hope fervently that I'll make it into one of the ensembles. Would love to make one of the middle-level groups, but after a year off, honestly anything would do.

With that, I've probably procrastinated enough. Time to go process some rocks so we can get them shipped out for powdering next week.

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